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A New Way Forward


Randy Allen’s family has lived in Rutherford County since 1974. He is a product of both local school systems and Middle Tennessee Christian School. His college career began at David Lipscomb University, and he earned a degree in both Political Science and Sociology from MTSU. He and his wife, Cynthia, are both alumni of MTSU. They have been married for 25 years. Randy began working at the age of twelve when his family opened a small retail business on the Historic Murfreesboro Square. His work history in retail, manufacturing, management, small business job creation, workforce development, and non-profit oversight has shaped his vision for success in this community. He is not afraid of long hours and hard work.


Randy Allen will bring professionalism, leadership and unmatched integrity to the office of County Mayor. Driven by his deep faith, Randy has spent his career on the frontlines, not in the headlines. He has a vision for maintaining our quality of life in the face of unprecedented growth and dynamic ideas about making sure families have opportunities to succeed in this community. Join in and help build a NEW WAY FORWARD by voting Randy Allen for County Mayor.


National issues don’t always reflect what’s going on in your home. Randy’s plan is to engage the individual talent and resources of this community to ensure that Rutherford County continues to be a great place to live and work. He believes that it will take collaborative efforts to overcome many of the issues we are currently facing and those on the horizon. He will encourage individuals to join the conversation around solutions and focus on their strengths in moving us all forward.


Randy is not a career politician. He is a concerned citizen just like you. He is convinced that listening to the people of this community is crucial to our continued success. He is embarking on a listening campaign to truly understand what the people of Rutherford County want from their County government. He chose to run for Rutherford County Mayor because he wants everyone to feel that their voices are heard and that their opinions matter when solutions are considered.


Randy’s conservative roots give him a distinct advantage when it comes to reducing inefficiencies. He has innovative ideas about creating collaborative efforts to address the core issues which affect everyone in Rutherford County. He believes that by focusing on the things we all agree on, we can overcome the things we don’t. As Rutherford County Mayor, Randy plans to bring people together to create proactive, positive solutions for families and individuals in this community.

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Election Day August 4, 2022

On The Issues

Infrastructure, Education and Good Jobs are key factors that determine quality of life In Rutherford County. Randy has learned that sharing knowledge across multiple sectors can result in solutions that are effective and result in popular consensus. By bringing people together, we can address the current issues and set a course that ensures a good quality of life for people in this community. Randy believes that a government’s primary role is to protect its citizens and enable them to achieve success in their daily lives. As Mayor of Rutherford County, Randy plans is to listen first, then act to build consensus on solutions that promote success in Rutherford County 



Rutherford County’s population is projected to double in the next 15 years, and with the greater population will come additional stress on existing infrastructure and a need for increased capacity.   A proactive plan that addresses needed repair and identifies opportunities for economic and educational growth is critical for Rutherford County. Randy proposes that we strengthen existing relationships with key stakeholders in our community to implement a comprehensive plan to replace, upgrade, and build new roads, schools, and provide our citizens with the tools to achieve their greatest potential. He believes that in Rutherford County a rising tide should raise all ships!



Families love Rutherford County because of our great education system, and we are fortunate to have all levels of educational resources within our borders. However, we must continue to adapt to the changing landscape if we plan to remain competitive when recruiting high quality teachers, addressing unprecedented growth, and preparing students for post-secondary success. Randy plans to encourage efforts to engage parents, teachers, and administrators in identifying concerns and opportunities, and then to support initiatives that build consensus around successful resolutions.

Good Jobs


Rutherford County has over 50,000 people who leave each day to work in other areas of our state. Randy has learned that individuals and businesses in Rutherford County would prefer that this was not the case. For the business community, the issue is the availability of a skilled workforce. For the individual, the issue is quality of life.  Randy has worked extensively with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce to bridge the gap between employer and educator. He has also worked directly with individuals in Rutherford County to identify training resources and obtain the credentials needed to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families.